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How To Get Google Drive Unlimited Storage(Lifetime) For Free

How To Get Google Drive Unlimited Storage(Lifetime) For Free
Students looking for how to get Google Drive Unlimited Storage For Free Lifetime or get 100GB or Increase  Storage limit, Then you are in the right place. I will tell you how I got unlimited GDrive storage to upload And yeah you can share also. There is no limit. I personally tried and tested so read the article till the end to know. It is very easy though.  If want to get free and unlimited google drive storage then follow the steps given below But before you want to try this trick I want to tell you some things that you should not do.

What is Google Drive?

We all know that Google Drive is a cloud-based online storage website that provides you with 15GB of storage to upload and share your files or You can just backup your files. It is fast to download and upload in google drive. it is the best option to backup your data online because it is the safest website by google. The pros of Grieve are that it is free and the cons of Gdrive are that it has a limitation, You can upload or store only 15GB in your regular google drive account. If you want to store more then 15 Gb you have to subscribe to their plans. As the title of this article says, I will tell you a trick where you can get an unlimited amount of storage in your google drive for free. And trust me it is for a Lifetime. But before that, you should know how it works.

How does unlimited storage free for lifetime trick work?

In order to provide students with unlimited storage for educational purposes in their Google Drive accounts, Google offers unlimited storage choices to educational institutions. And the educational institutes have the choice to add as many as students on their provided unlimited drive so that they can upload and store their files. Here is the tricky part, we have found those institutes' website allows any students to use their unlimited drive without any registration, just a Gmail id to add and they can get unlimited disk space to store their data files or photos. So when you provide your email to them, they will automatically add your Gmail as a student to their unlimited Google drive for free. And what do you get? You will get a shared drive in your Google drive account which is unlimited for free Lifetime. You do not have to pay for anything. You can upload big files and share links with your friends. It's the same as a regular GDrive Account.

Follow the steps to get unlimited free storage:

  • To Get Unlimited Google Drive storage for free you need to have a Working Gmail account.
  • If you do not have a Gmail account you can create one here.
  • Now After that, you have visited these sites: Link 1, Link 2
  • After visiting any one of these sites, You just have to give your Gmail address and Give a Disk name.
  • After submitting, Go to your Google Drive, and Check Shared Drives.
  • Now You will see a Drive with your given name.
  • And that’s it, You got your Unlimited Google Drive storage For Free Lifetime, There is No limit at all. You can get more than 100GB of storage.
Now you will upload and store or share any amount of file in that drive.

Alternative Solution:

Here is an easy way you can get a free direct Google shared drive for free. Just fill up the forms below.
  1. Scroll down Open the box shown below.
  2. Read the terms and conditions and accept.
  3. Just provide a name you want to get as a shared drive.
  4. provide a Gmail address where you want to get the shared drive.
  5. After that select an institution where you want to get a shared drive.
  6. After that fill up the captcha, and click on create.
  7. And now check your google drive with the email address you provided.
  8. You will see a shared drive added to your google drive account. it has unlimited storage.
  9. Now in that shared Gooogle drive, you can store unlimited data and files as much as you want, It's free for a lifetime.
Here is a Youtube video you can follow the steps :
Also read, How To get Unlimited storage on Onedrive Get Unlimited Storage From TeamGrive : #N.B #Do not upload any kind of personal files like personal family pictures, Important certificates, or documents that are really very important to you. # This trick is going to give you a shared drive, Where you can upload unlimited files or create folders, You can also add people to your shared drive and they can manage your folder too. If you want to share big files or want to back up your computer files then this trick is for you, You can add people to your drive too.