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Connect OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z/Z2 to Laptop PC (Windows)

Connect OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z/Z2 to Laptop PC (Windows)

If you are having an issue Bluetooth connection of the OnePlus bullets wireless Z or Z2 with your windows computer or laptop then don't worry you can solve that in 10 seconds.

I have seen many people having issues with OnePlus wireless Bluetooth earphones. If you have a laptop or desktop and try to add this wireless earphone, it won't show up.

when you try to search for this wireless earphone it shows in a few seconds on your android device via Bluetooth. But the problem is when you try to add this wireless Z2 earphone on your laptop or any windows desktop then it won't show up in the Bluetooth search results.

You actually do not know the right process to connect your OnePlus neckband. Let me clarify that there is no problem at all with this neckband.

Follow the steps to connect to your windows laptop or desktop pc:

Step 1: To connect your OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bluetooth neckband, First detach the magnetic buds from each other.

Step 2:Make sure that  your pc or laptop supports Bluetooth connection

Step 3: Go to your laptop or PC and click on Bluetooth, and click on add a device, and it will look for a new Bluetooth device to add.

Step 4: Now tha main part, You have to press the middle button of your Bullets wireless Z2 till it shows up on your laptop or PC.

Step 5: After seeing the bullets wireless z2 device on the Bluetooth search option click on that.

Step 6: That's it, now you have successfully connected your OnePlus Bullets wireless Z to your laptop or PC.

Watch the video tutorial below: